Google Affiliate Network - Will it Change the Way You Advertise?

If you read my previous article on Google constructing a quiet affiliate network, you'd have a surprise. It seems to be that my prediction of Google moving into affiliate networks proved to be right. Allow me to explain.
Google had bought over DoubleClick a while back. PPA Network had an affiliate network called"Connect Commerce". Google now announced to its AdWords advertisers which they'll be phasing out PPA at the conclusion of August and instead advertisers can now look to market on the Google Affiliate Network.
If you are new to affiliate marketing here is a Fast synopsis:
1) Tim sells a product called BodySoft. Its an everyday cold cream.
Two ) Tim using various marketing methods like PPC, SEO etc., but wants to sell more.
3) He is about to pay upto 20% of the sale value to anyone who will sell it to get him.
4) Jill on the other hand, does not own a item, but she's great in marketing. She is seeking to sell other people's products.
6) Every time Jill sells a BodySoft bottle, Tim pays her 20%.
This means that any AdWords advertiser currently has the chance to tap into the huge power of affiliate advertising with no hassles normally associated with it, such as recruiting dozens of affiliates, tracking every sale and action, accounting them appropriately and ultimately paying them. Is whole (and quite cumbersome and at times painful) process of affiliate marketing has been taken away by Google with its new offering.
I've had moderate success with PPA campaigns and its own place for much better. I'll be keeping a close eye on it for one to allow you to understand how the Google Affiliate Network is shaping up.

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